How To Turn Struggle Into Confidence
Through Streetwear


We often say that we want to bridge the gap between TRENDY and QUALITY streetwear and AFFORDABLE prices. And that’s true.

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… We created UMENSION, because of ALL the struggles we had to face when we were young (and sometimes in our older years), just because of who we are … and the way we look.

Because we are not ones to CONFORM to the Status QUO, we often had to face many adversities.

… being laughed at, because of the way we dress.
… being pushed and shoved and bullied.
… being heartbroken, just because “we’re ugly”

But we fought! We stood up! We faced those challenges and became confident in the process! Yet, there was no way to show that to the world.

We tried to look confident, but going outside, we didn’t FEEL confident in our old clothes.

That’s why we went STREETWEAR.

Wearing clothes that make US feel good! Wearing clothes that make US feel confident.

We changed the game. And you can change the game as well …

No matter the adversities you might be facing, it all starts with you.

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