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Umension is about YOU. We want YOU to be better than you think you are. Do we source and sell fantastic clothing? Yes. But our mission is more significant. It didn’t start out like this.

At first, Umension had one goal. We wanted to find clothes that look and feel great. We were on the lookout for fashionable items that are durable and sturdy, to bridge the gap and show that amazing doesn’t mean expensive. We had the goal to be the affordable store, where you can find fantastic quality goods you would WANT to wear. And we did that.

With the first couple of items sold, the reviews started popping up.

Perfect quality and fit. Everything is perfect when it arrives, very secured and no damage. I love how they looks and the color itself. Thank you umension for the beautiful sneakers.

Cameron H.

Love this shirt. Soft and sleek. Very well made, graphics true to picture. True to size as well.


So far, I am satisfied
and it looks very cool. Corresponds to the description. The quality of trousers is good and thick fabric, similar to cotton. Better quality than expected! Thanks!!!

Samson R.

They fit, are comfortable, didn't need any break in and are really light. Color and design looks really great. Job well done!


It’s difficult to say that we were surprised. Were we happy? YES! We were thrilled and excited. We wanted to continue our mission of sourcing great clothing. Yet, we weren’t surprised.


We showed that the goal of offering affordable quality streetwear CAN be done.

People were right to be surprised. They didn’t expect the quality and fit of our clothes to be as perfect, considering the affordable price. We exceeded their expectations.

When the reviews started coming in, we realized that our mission is more significant than just sourcing clothes.

Our mission is to help you feel JUSTIFIED.To show yourself that you are BETTER than you think. To confidently wear what you want and to turn people’s heads in amazement.

Our mission is to help you EXCEED THE EXPECTATIONS.

Whether this would be your expectations or the expectations of society, we are here to help you showcase that you are different and unique. 

Through clothing, we want to empower you to be better
and to look and feel better when doing it.

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