Umension Streetwear Is Unstoppable

We would have NEVER believed that UMENSION will impact the lives of tens of thousands.

When we first started this project, we were driven by the desire to show that streetwear can be made of quality materials and be affordable at the same time. However, we didn’t expect such a positive response.

                                                                     THANK YOU!

Realizing the impact a single piece of clothing can have on a person’s life, we set ourselves on a mission to exceed the expectations. To help others achieve greatness, by looking great.

UMENSION was no longer JUST quality streetwear that is affordable. We started diving deeper into the latest trends and sourcing new arrivals to create a unique collection of the trendiest items possible.

We don’t just want to be on top of the latest trends …

We want to help INSPIRE you to be more confident. UMENSION is here to deliver clothes that make you feel better about yourself. That help showcase that you ARE AWESOME.

We want to save you the time and hassle of having to go through thousands of products, just to find the right thing for you. Instead, our collection is TAILORED to feature unique items for THOSE who don’t CONFORM to the STATUS quo. 

And with over 3179 5-star reviews on our website and tens of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world … we just wanted to say.


You are making UMENSION possible.  

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What Our Customers Says

All I can honestly say that these sneakers are a great fit. The look good and sole is looks awesome. Best purchase I've made in a long time!


Perfect, as in description… information very good, great quality. Will ask another different one if you will have in other colors. Thanks!


Good quality, fair size, super Jacket, perfect for autumn! I never had one that this comfortable to wear and warm. Style is dope and i'm proud to wear it! Thanks!


Totally value for money & is a very high quality sneaker. The sneakers are light in weight, fit perfectly, provide comfort to the feet and look awesome. Thank you


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